The website and blog is now officially archival

Wow. WOW! It's 2015 already! Last time I was here was in 2008. Seven long years ago and so much has happened since then. Recently some friends were looking to get in touch and they came to this site and found to their dismay that it was not being updated. They suggested that we take it down, but somehow, perhaps simply due to sentiment [it was really sweet keeping in touch via this blog with those who regularly visited] or whatever reason I wanted to try and keep it up because it is interesting for someone with the time to browse. But I also wanted to message anyone who arrived here to let them know where they can find us now. We came to live at Gopinatha's place in 2002 wishing to create a beautiful gallery for the public, both here in Perth and world wide. Well, after ten years of strenuous work, we managed to complete the gallery project. Since 2012 our Sacred India Gallery has been open to the public. I hope to renew my opportunity to keep a journal as I was doing, but for now I am very busy with the gallery. We are open on weekends for tours, and I create small gifts for the gift shop in the gallery. We also teach classes in Gita Wisdom and Mantra Meditation here. In other words Gopinatha Dham is still very much alive and well. Our official gallery website since 2012