Tough love


Another of Narada's pastimes


3. Curses, cursed and cursing

No-one likes to be the recipient of someone’s anger, yet sometimes it happens.




The demigods cursed Narada to become poor and lowly in his next life. This was done to remove his pleasure and pride.






He had came to their sacrifice, in a happy mood, surrounded by attractive women, who were appreciating his singing. Although his spirits were high, his mood was in sharp contrast to the spiritual nature of the occasion.





One might say his mistake was rather innocent, and those who cursed him were unfair, but still he had no choice than to accept the curse.






Thus he found himself born as a maidservant’s son.... BUT.... later, due to his sincere meditation, he would become the dearest son of Lord Brahma. At that time he would travel everywhere freely,chanting and describing the wonderful qualities of Krishna, and playing his celestial vina






NOW..... it would become his turn to deliver a strong benedictory-curse.While travelling he was about to meet two elevated demigods who’d forgotten themselves in a similar way.





Nalakuvera and Manigriva were well known as the sons of Kuvera. They were extremely wealthy. As often happens, these brothers became fond of intoxicants and sensuality.






 One day Narada was passing through a forest, when he came upon the two young men, drunk and flirting with young women. All of them were naked.

Narada’s presence brought the two girls to proper sense, and they hurriedly covered themselves before him in shame. Their partners however were far too drunk to understand what was going on. They did not even notice Narada before their eyes. Seeing this, he became angry.



Now it was his turn to utter a curse….  




“These two son’s of Kuvera should become trees. They should stand for100 years, without losing their memory of what has taken place. After that time, they will become fortunate.”

And so it was.

These twin Arjuna trees became strong and tall, covered in foliage, giving shade from the sun. By Narada’s desire, they stood side by side in the courtyard of Nanda Maharaja in Gokul for a very long time.

 When Krishna was tied to the grinding morter, being punished by His mother, his glance fell upon those trees. He thought……


“Although these two men are wealthy, I have nothing to do with them. But Narada is my dear and affectionate devotee. Because of his desire I will meet them and deliver them. I must do so !!!”




Then he pulled the mortar towards the trees and when it became stuck between them, they both loudly crashed to the ground. The two demigods appeared from the trees. Now they could understand the supremacy of Krishna, and they began to offer very heartfelt prayers.


“We have been delivered by the blessings of Narada, however we now understand that this was all Your plan. Since we are both servants of Your servant Narada, please bless us.”

And what blessing did they want? They wanted the same blessing that Narada Himself had begged for and received.


“May our words to be used in describing Your pastimes, our ears be always hearing about You and our bodies used in Your service.”



Narada’s curse - benediction had become successful.






Like him, in their next birth, these two demigods would become wonderful singers.


 Their only interest now, as Snigdha Kanta and Madhu Kanta, would be to happily serve the residents of Vrindavana by always singing Krishna’s pastimes in Vrindavana. May we become so fortunate enough to be recognized [even unfavourably] by a devotee who is dear to the Lord.