The only reality



I found a nice quote and a beautiful picture to share






The quote is from Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Thakura's writings.


"Srimati Radhika is the source of all the individual souls who are to be employed in the service of Sri Krishna. They may choose to serve Him by loyal conscious submission, neutrality or actual opposition. In every case they serve as constituents of Srimati Radhika.


When they forget their relationship with Her, they forget the nature of their own selves, and engage in abnormal activities on the mundane plane.


The object of endeavour of individual souls is to learn to obey Sri Radhika. Only by obeying Her can they serve Sri Krishna"






Srimati Radharani is angry.


Here [and below] are small sections of a beautiful painting by Asta Sakhi dasi who lives in Mayapura. I saw the painting in her room, when she was kindly painting our Panca Tattwa for Gopinatha dham. Her artwork is delicate, meticulous, and very sweet.


Here Sri Krishna is playfully disturbing Srimati Radharani whilst she is carrying a pot of milk by Govardhana Hill.




Sometimes He also goes to Barsana and declares Himself the person to whom the girls must pay taxes whenever they travel along the narrow pass between two hills, with their milk pots on their heads. Naturally they object to this proposal, so Sri Krishna then knocks their pots to the ground spilling all the curd and milk.



Both Krishna and the gopis invite each other to become very angry in these joking exchanges. Many playfully heated words are spoken.



When these pastimes are remembered, the mind momentarily becomes withdrawn from the enticements of this world.




"The infinite variety of the pastimes of Sri Radha and Krishna constitute the only reality."