Gopinatha's Story

This is the story of a small deity of Krishna named Gopinatha.


Although He stands just one inch in height, Gopinatha's form is delicately proportioned, and He's remarkably charming to behold! He stands gracefully poised holding His tiny flute to His lips - as if to capture the minds of one and all with His delightful presence and the song of His flute!


Gopinatha first came to us back in August 1997, and our lives have never been quite the same since. What follows is an account of events that have taken place over the past five years since the day Gopinatha arrived.


This presentation was originally compiled in the form of a picture-book album to show to friends and family on a visit to India. Therefore the mood and method of presentation is at times somewhat quaint and homely! The fact of the matter is that when we were compiling this story, we never thought that it would one day end up on a web site... however Gopinatha had other ideas! So this is Gopinatha's Story, in the format that He has chosen to inspire us to present it!