2008 at Gopinatha Dham

Those who are familiar with our website, and blog will have noticed that we have been totally innactive since November 2007, hence no blog entries have been post during 2008.


There are two reasons for the silence.


During a visit to Vrindavan in November 2007, I fell, broke my kneecap, and had to spend five months bedridden in Vrindavan and later Mumbai before I was able to travel back to Perth. Now seven months have passed since the injury and I am slowly returning to normal and feeling a bit more sociable.


In my unexpected absence, Sri Radha Radha was taking care at Gopinath Dham, and struggling on alone with our "grass roots" gallery project. Upon my return in March I discovered that Gopinatha had plans to accelerate the completion of our task. Devotees and friends have wonderfully offered so much valuable assistance.We are working very very hard and at last we can see an end in sight.


It seems very possible that the gallery will be completed within the next 9 months. Whenever possible we will keep you posted.